Friday, March 6, 2009

i love us

I'm so sad Michele is leaving. it's cool though. she won't be far, but still, sad times for me. I honestly had so much fun today, my stomach is bubbly. Maybe that's the vegan gourmet, but it's an awesome feeling. I have to stop buying things compulsively... this is why i have so many records and clothes... because i buy my feelings lately. BUTTERFLIESSSSSSS. WAAAAHHHH. I asked for three days off during spring break to hopefully go visit my cousins in San Diego and possibly chill in Rosarito at my godparents' vacation home. I really need to leave town for a bit. I feel suffocated here. Work is getting to me like never before. Who leaves SPECIAL ED kids in charge of MEDICALLY NEEDY ones who eat through TUBES? WTF. WAAAHHHH. Okay, off to listen to my beautiful new record... hooray for life.

Note to self: sleep = good

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