Sunday, March 22, 2009


so there's been a number of changes in my life in the last few days... For one, I am now single. I have my reasons, and for now, I am keeping those to myself. I've begun moving all of my things from the apartment. Living with my parents is an adventure in and of itself. I haven't been under this roof for longer than a few days in quite some time. Everything is all coming back to me - and it feels the same. It's so strange. I'm so used to coming in and out as I please; now i feel like i owe them some sort of explanation as to where i've been when i walk in at 3am. HAHA. I've been looking into grad schools - I'm no longer scared to move further than 45 minutes away. HAHA. Long Beach sounds like of nice. It was super fucking sweet when I went down there to visit. I'm actually stoked on life right now. I find myself doing things i've always wanted to do but have had to consult with someone else and their schedule. I'm pretty ridiculous right now. I buy so much shit, it's disgusting. UGH.

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