Thursday, May 14, 2009

I got a friend, her name is Boxcar

I love Jawbreaker. I just do. I've been listening to them so much lately . I even added Blake on facebook. I love my tattoo. I get stoked when someone recognizes where it's from. Anyway, I'm stretching my septum again. YES, I said I wouldn't do it anymore, but what the heck, I got bored and haven't gotten tattooed in a while. Oh, wait, I haven't FINISHED a tattoo in a while. My next one (after my Adam and Eve one is finished) is going to be a Murder City Devil's one. EH. I already have a shit ton of band tattoos, what's another one?

I want to start a stitch/bake/bike and bitch crew. If you're crafty and are down to geek out while listening to some sweet jams, holler at me.

I WANT TO GO TO IKEA SOON. hit me up if you're down.

I'm kind of excited about these things and think you should buy them if you're into stupid random things like i am.

yes, victoria's secret has slutty chonies AND vegan lotion. get the purple one, it smells amazing!

it smells amazing. i swear it is worth paying like $2 than you probably pay for shampoo - plus it's VEGAN and makes you smell like a bunch of fruit.

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